By Laura Telander Graf

Pixar’s Golden Globe and Oscar-winning animated film Soul follows the journey of a 40-year-old music teacher as he attempts to finally realize his dream of becoming a professional musician while dodging his pre-determined destiny of landing in the afterlife. While caught between life and “the great beyond,” he is confronted with the truth of what it really means to find one’s “spark.”

Not necessarily a child-like plotline but one learners of all ages encounter regularly when it comes to their professional pursuits: the question of “do I follow my passion or take the prescribed route?”


By Tomika Brown and Monique Adorno-Jiménez

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a marked shift in student attitudes toward higher education, particularly among high school students who are more aware than ever that the choices they make will have a lasting impact on their financial and professional future. Given that, many are rethinking their post high school graduation plans.

In fact, according to a recent national survey of Gen Z teens age 14–18 from ECMC Group’s Question The Quo campaign, there has been a nearly 20 percent drop in the last eight months in students considering four-year college, with many wanting…

By Todd Steele

It’s a major time of disruption and evolution for education and our workforce. While each shifted to new delivery and employment models due to the current coronavirus pandemic environment, it is becoming more apparent that those changes may usher in transformations that are bound to alter the industries for the long term.

For educators, as well as the employers in the field, now is the time to rethink and reimagine how best to connect to current and future learners in the postsecondary education space.

With every new generation comes the potential for new trends. The same is…

By Iris Cumberbatch and Sarah Strehl

Spurred by the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent national unrest related to inequality in our society, all industries have been reawakened to the need for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts in business — from the way we conduct our work externally, to the organizational culture that either enables or hinders DEI for our employees.

In recent years, many organizations have focused on DEI, but this current time of change and transformation calls for real action that makes a difference and highlights what is and isn’t working in existing DEI efforts. As…

By Jeremy Wheaton

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has catapulted the American higher education system into uncharted territory. When the dust settles, this unprecedented shift has the power to upend the traditional higher education model of delivering courses in lecture halls grouped together on cloistered campuses.

For all of its consequences, the aftermath of COVID-19 provides everyone with an even more clear picture of why we must transform the postsecondary education for the better — access, affordability, quality, relevance. …

By Paula Craw and Sarah Belnick

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) quickly spread across the United States, millions of college students received an urgent, startling request: pack up and leave campus indefinitely.

Even as they recognized the public health imperative, many were left worried about paying for transportation home, completing online courses without reliable internet access, and staying focused on classes in such an anxious, tumultuous time.

As the pandemic prompts new reckoning about how schools can deliver quality, virtual education, we must also understand that unequal access to students’ basic needs — food, housing, transportation, financial assistance and counseling —…

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